mite.nano for macOS: first small update

The first update of mite.nano, our app for the macOS menu bar, is available. If the app is already installed on your Mac, a notification should pop up automatically, asking you to please restart it.

Version 1.0.2 includes regular security updates plus three little improvements of the area labeled »Last used«:

  1. mite.nano now suggests up to ten instead of only five last used time entries to pick and start a new time entry. We wanted to raise the possibility to suggest something relevant here, and ten entries should still be scannable enough.
  2. The suggestions are now sorted by customer, not by project. This should especially speed up picking an entry in case you have several projects with the same name for different customers.
  3. Every character couunts: mite.nano now makes better use of the available horizontal space. This should improve the identification of customers, projects, and services with long names.

This is a small update of mite.nano. Regarding a future bigger one, we'd like to emphasize that yes, we heard your feedback on all channels asking for a future support of notes of time entries. Thanks for telling us. Thus far, we haven't found a convincing way to realize it. But, we'll keep tinkering.

Julia in New features, Add ons