mite aspires to be not only a usable experience, but an enjoyable one.
From your very first time entry to our supportive service to you saying goodbye.

We believe in simplicity.

mite doesn’t try to impress you with needless bling-bling or countless features you’ll only need on February 30. Everyday tools have to be simple, because you use them every day.

We believe in flexibility.

mite should fit your behavior, not vice versa. Make use of a tool that is designed with openness in mind, to meet your needs and your workflow, not Joe Shmoe’s.

We believe in eye candy.

Even without a sophisticated and lovingly crafted interface, mite could do its job. But tiny fonts, cluttered charts or flashy colors don’t make you happy. mite does.

We believe in dialogue.

Talk to us. Only you know what you need, and more importantly: what you don’t. Only you know what you dislike as well as what you love. Your suggestions are crucial for the ongoing improvement of mite.

We believe in honesty.

Honesty should be self-evident, right? In business affairs, too many people claim to be perfect. We don’t promise you the moon, we present you with transparent information: if something goes wrong, you will be notified.

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