Upcoming move to mite.de

Hey there mite.de! After many years we were finally able to buy this domain, and are packing our bags. During the night from Friday to Saturday, February 18th, mite will move to its new home.

Of course we will automatically forward you, nobody will click into the void. Nevertheless we'd like to inform you about the upcoming changes.

Starting Saturday,

  • the address of your account will move from https://[yourTeam].mite.yo.lk/ to https://[yourTeam].mite.de/ – please update your bookmarks
  • this info website and blog will move from https://mite.yo.lk/en/ to https://mite.de/en/
  • our e-mail address will change from to

We're sorry to cause you time and effort, but do think it's worth it. Finally mite will have a home address that doesn't have to be spelled over and over again and raise eyebrows. Hey mite.de!

Update: Welcome to mite.de – olé. The move went fine, our tests are looking good. In case you happen to stumble upon a problem nevertheless: Sorry, please get in touch and tell us so.

Julia in Inside out, Tech talk