mite for iPhone: first small update

There's a first update available on the App Store for our official iPhone app. Version 1.1 includes two improvements and one bugfix:

  • Swipe left or right to switch between days.
    To navigate to an earlier or future day, there were and still are arrow buttons available in the top navigation. The new gesture should make switching days even easier, and facilitate the use of the app with a single hand.
  • Pull to refresh: Drag the list of a day's time entries downward to manually update all of its data.
    Until now, you had to switch days to force a reload. The new gesture should speed up the process, and improve the app for those who use mite on several devices at the same time.
  • Minor bugfix: If you stopped the timer on a time entry outside of the app by directly switching the timer to another entry, the app didn't update the hours of the first entry correctly.

Hopefully, this update will improve mite for iPhone a little. The two new gestures have been the top user requests so far. Thanks for your numerous, constructive feedback on all channels! We are happy to hear that you appreciate the app.

Julia in New features, Add ons