New user role: the administrator

Managing user rights and responsibilities in mite got a little more elaborate today. You can now choose from four roles instead of three:

  • the time tracker,
  • the co-worker,
  • the administrator and
  • the owner of the account.

The time tracker corresponds to whom we used to call the user with limited rights. We simply re-named this role to a more self-explanatory one. Time trackers are only allowed to track time on projects they were granted access to. They only see their very own time entries. They’ll never see revenues.

The co-worker corresponds widely to the former default role, the regular user. Co-workers are authorised to manage customers, projects and services. They see reports of all projects including time entries of other users. What changed with the update is that co-workers are not allowed to edit other users and account settings anymore.

New: the administrator. Admins hold extended rights to manage the account and the team: they can add new users or edit existing ones. They can download invoices and backups. Furthermore, they are authorised to edit time entries by other team members and lock / unlock time entries – both of these features launched today as well.

The owner of the account is the most powerful user role in mite. He’s responsible for managing payment data. Only the owner of the account is authorised to cancel the account.

You can find a detailed overview of all roles & rights here.

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