Bulk edit time entries

Managing your team’s time entries? Thanks to today’s update, that’s a piece of cake. From now on, you can bulk edit time entries. Finally!

Bulk edit time entries

Of course, you can edit the project, the service, the user or the »locked« state of one or several time entries with a click. Notes can be edited very flexibly: search & replace is available. Furthermore, hours can not only be set to a fixed quantity, but also rounded up or down to quarter, half or full hours. Finally, you might not only edit time entries, but also delete them.

If you are an administrator or the owner of the account, you’ll find the new bulk edit feature under the tab »Reports => Time entries«. Co-workers and time trackers are not authorised to bulk edit time entries.

Have a look at the short video screencast (1:25) to see the feature in action:

mite. Bulk edit time entries. from mite on Vimeo.

Please tell us how bulk edit is working out for you! We’d love to hear from you.

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