Automatic time tracker timeBro connects with mite

~~ Update: Since 2023, timeBro is called memtime. ~~

timeBro is an application for macOS and Windows that aims to help you to track your times faster and more accurately. Once installed, the app will run in the background and will automatically record how much time you spent working with every program, every document, every e-mail.

timeBro will display the recorded data in a daily calendar view. Based on this data, you will then create your time entries. Thanks to the new integration, you can now export these time entries from timeBro to mite.

Automatic time tracker timeBro connects with mite

timeBro allows you to assign your time entries to projects and services as well. When configuring the integration, you can choose which of your mite.projects should be available in timeBro. Also, you can choose which should be available on each project.


Before timeBro and mite will be able to work together, you’ll have to setup the connection once:

  1. First, please allow API access for your user in mite. Click on your user name in the upper right corner, activate API access, copy your API key, and save changes. The mite.api is our open data interface. timeBro will access your over this programming interface.
  2. New to timeBro? You can download a test version. When timeBro asks which app to connect, choose mite. If you already use timeBro, head over to the settings and choose mite at the tab »Connected Apps«. Furthermore, timeBro will need the login address of your mite.account:
  3. After having installed timeBro, the app will ask for your API key. Furthermore, you will be able to specify some personal preferences how exactly the two apps should work together.

Done! From the tab »Time tracking« in timeBro, you will now be able to export your time entries to mite.

Thank you

This new connection was developed by timeBro. Thanks a lot for your time and effort, Arne and Mislav!

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