Can't reach mite? Please delete your cache.

Today between 12:30 and 12:32 CEST mite was not available to most users. After less than two minutes, we had fixed the problem, which had occured due to a typing error on our side. Unfortunately, some browsers and tools such as DynaMite and mite.go have cached this wrong setting. And thus still deliver wrong output.

If you still cannot reach mite, please delete the cache of your browser or the tool in question. You should then reach mite without a problem. If you need support with how to delete the cache, we are happy to help of course, please get in touch.

We are so sorry. Obviously, the most important thing right now is that all of you are able to access mite again. But as soon as we see that everything is completely back to normal, we will surely get together and examine in all detail how this could happen.

Julia in Tech talk