Today's service interruption

Between 2:04pm and 2:33pm CEST, mite was down for all users due to a hardware failure in our primary data center. Redundant systems did not take over as planned. We’re so sorry for this interruption!

Collaborating with our hosting partner SysEleven, we’re analyzing this problem to prevent it from happening again, this goes without saying. Of course, your data was totally safe throughout this downtime.

This said, we’d like to take a moment to thank SysEleven and their technical team for their fast response—they were hands on within minutes. Also, we’d love to say thank you to the numerous users who got in touch via Twitter, mail, and chat. Your understanding means a lot to us. Although we cannot guarantee 100% uptime, you can count on us doing everything we can to reach that number. We won’t disappoint you.

Julia in Tech talk