Keyboard shortcuts

You answered the mail, made your customer happy, and closed the deal. Now, you could move your hand away from the keyboard over to the mouse, click the tab »Time tracking«, search for the running timer, and click to stop it. Or, you could simply type s.

Keyboard shortcuts are here! From today on, all main features can be triggered this way, too. Keyboard shortcuts can be a real time saver—we do recommend to take five minutes to memorize them.

Amongst other things, the new shortcuts support time tracking actions and navigating tabs. To see the whole package, please press ? (in mite). If your cursor is active in an input field, please press esc first to leave the field.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to speed up your time tracking considerably thanks to the brand spanking new keyboard shortcuts. Please get in touch if you happen to stumble upon a bug, or if you have any ideas on how to improve them. Merci!

Julia in New features