Status update: more flexible hourly rates in mite

First of all, we’d love to send a warm thank you to all of you. Your feedback on how to improve hourly rates in mite was super-helpful to us. We never ever could have expected such an amazing support—merci!

In the meantime, we decided on which scenarios to implement, we finalized the concept and wrote the first chunk of code. In the future, you’ll not only be able to specify one hourly rate per service, but also:

  • one hourly rate per customer
  • one hourly rate per project
  • customizable service hourly rates per customer
  • customizable service hourly rates per project

You’ll be able to combine those options as you see fit. Hourly rates will be handed down in most cases: e.g. if you define one hourly rate for a customer, this hourly rate will be the default for all projects for this customer. This way, you won’t have to specify hourly rates over and over again.

We decided not to implement hourly rates per user. One, only ~9% voted for those scenarios, two, this layer doesn’t integrate unambiguously with the principle to hand down hourly rates from one layer to the next.

Our most important goal is not to overburden mite with complexity. If you don’t make use of hourly rates at all or if you only use the current solution, the new features shouldn’t stand in your way or distract you even a little bit. The sophisticated options will be there—but only when you really need them.

We do not want to rush this feature but rather take the time we need to design a smooth and smart solution. Please have a little patience with us. We’ll update with drum rolls!

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