Hourly rates in mite: your feedback, please!

At the moment, you can specify one hourly rate for each service in mite. The service is the only factor that determines the revenue of a time entry. Customer, project, and user don’t matter here. This approach to hourly rates is simple and easy to use—which is a huge pro in our opinion. But, it does not seem to work good enough for many users.

So please tell us: What do hourly rates depend on, in your case? We’d love to improve mite to better meet your workflow.

In my case,

Please leave a comment if none of these scenarios work for you, or if you’d like to describe your requirements in detail. Thanks for your input!

Update, May 26: The poll is closed now, 766 users voted. Thanks so much for your awesome input, simply great! We’ll dive into conception right away.

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