Scheduled Maintenance: November 27th

Update 6:17 CET: Maintenance is completed, mite is happy to track your time again. Thanks so much for your huge patience, everybody! Please get in touch if you felt affected by this maintenance beyond the acceptable level – we’re really sorry for the delay.

Update 3:02 CET: Maintenance is taking longer than expected, we’re sorry!

Tomorrow night, on November 27th between 1:00 and ~2:00 CET (what time is that for me?), mite won’t be available due to a move of our main servers to a more redundant server cage within our data center.

We don’t treat our promise lightly: this maintenance is one of the necessary measures that we’re taking from October’s downtimes. Tomorrow’s steps will help us to ensure a more stable mite in the future by putting redundant hardware in place. We ask for your understanding!

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