Scheduled Maintenance: March 7th

Update, March 7th, 5:18am: Everything went as planned. Good time tracking on the new servers, everyone! Just in case you stumble over a bug: please get in touch with as much details as possible.

Safe, secure and lightning-fast: that’s how mite behaves today and should behave in the future, no matter how fast the user base grows. To make this happen, Sebastian who’s taking care of the technical infrastructure here has been preparing mite for the next step: this weekend, we’re moving the application to a new server cluster. Therefore,

mite will be offline on Sunday, March 7th between 3am and 5am CET. (What time is that for me?)

We’ll update this blog post and keep you posted on Twitter in real time.

Ideally, you won’t notice a thing about the new infrastructure. All your data will stand at your service exactly as it is used to, this goes without saying. Nevertheless, experience shows that in production we might have to tweak the system here and there a little bit to optimize its responsiveness and stability – despite testing, testing, testing up front really thoroughly. Therefore, not only us, but also the team of SysEleven, our new hosting partner, will be extra beady-eyed. Promised. Now, let’s get moving!

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