Redmine2mite, a plugin to connect web-based project management with time tracking

Redmine2mite: bugtracking meets time tracking

Hear hear, Redmine users! Thanks to a plugin developed by Thomas Klein, time entries tracked on issues within Redmine can now be sent automatically to your mite.account.

Redmine projects might be bundled with mite.projects. For each project in Redmine, you might specify which should be selectable. Furthermore, dynamic comments are available: you can specify if information such as the title or the ID of a ticket should be added to the notes of your time entries.


Redmine2mite makes use of our open API. To setup the connection, you’ll have to activate the mite.api within your account first. You’ll find this option by clicking on your user name in the upper right-hand corner in mite. Please activate the corresponsing checkbox there, copy your API key and save your changes.

Having installed Redmine2mite successfully, you’ll find a new link in the upper right-hand corner within Redmine, labeled »mite«. There, you’ll have to specify your login credentials from mite (login & API key). Once your Redmine account is connected with mite, you might specify how projects should be bundled as well as which services should be available on a per project basis.


Please head over to GitHub to get the latest version of Redmine2mite. Thomas Klein who developed the plugin published it under the free MIT license. Help yourself, grab it, fork it, improve it! And please don’t forget to get in touch with Thomas if you’re missing anything or simply want to give props.

About Redmine

Redmine is an open source, web-based project management and bug-tracking tool. It is written using Ruby on Rails and under active development. You’ll find an online demo here.

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