Mantis and mite now cooperate! Introducing: Mantis2mite

Mantis2mite, a Mantis plugin letting you send your time entries directly to mite

Mantis2mite is a plugin for Mantis which I developed during my bachelor thesis also thanks to a lot of precious feedback from mite.users. It is licensed under the terms of the MIT License and hosted on GitHub.

Mantis is an open source bug tracking system based on PHP and under constant development. Mantis2mite connects your Mantis account with your mite.account. Track your time easily on issues within Mantis and get them automatically send to mite. Projects from Mantis can be bundled with mite.projects. Furthermore, you can specify which should be available in Mantis on a per-project basis. Users having a certain (configurable) role in Mantis may also view the time entries made by other users. This option is meant for project managers to easily get an overview on how much time was tracked on a problem.

There is one important precondition: Mantis >= 1.2.0., since this is the first version with a real plugin system. This was necessary to develop Mantis2mite.

You can find a zip archive containing all files on GitHub. Addidtionally there are installation instructions, a FAQ and a list of known issues in a README document. Make sure to check this out first, if you have any questions.

I’m looking forward to your feedback, especially in regard to the upcoming Trac-/Redmine plugin!

[Update, September 7th] After renaming a directory of the plugin, nothing worked as it should. I just discovered this issue and fixed it. Please download the fixed version on GitHub. Sorry for the trouble. I guess I couldn’t totally hide my green horn ;-)

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