Dashboard reports: Choose which budgets to keep track of

For each project in mite you can define a budget – in hours or dollars, for the whole project or as a monthly recurring one. A budget may help you to keep your project on track, at a glance.

On the dashboard reports, at the »Reports« tab, mite used to display a section labeled »Critical budgets«. Active projects showed up there as soon as 75% of their budget had been utilized. mite suggested to pay extra attention to these projects.

Now, you can choose which projects should be displayed on the dashboard reports:

Dashboard reports: Choose which budgets to keep track of

You may want to see all active projects with a budget, or projects with a budget utilization from 50%, from 75%, or from 100%. You decide. To pick your favorite view, click on the small triangular button on the righ-hand side of the section headline »Budgets«.

Please note that on the dashboards of each team member, mite tries to only display projects that are relevant to this person. Projects will only show up there if you or the team member in question has created at least one time entry on this project.

In this section, mite will display a maximum of 20 projects. If there are more you'll see a link leading to the tab »Reports => Projects«. There, you may analyze all hundreds or thousands of projects of your account.

Thanks to all users who suggested this improvement. Hopefully this small update will make it a little easier for you too to keep track of your projects.

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