More flexible filters

Even filters should get back to school once in a while, and mite’s filters were happy to: Now they know how to handle the Boolean search operator OR. And because they are smart AND kind filters, they wrapped their new skills in a simple-to-use interface.

Reports - Time entries: multiple filters

On the list of all time entries at the tab »Reports => Time entries«, you could only filter by one single element of each category. Now, multiple selects are available. For example, you can now filter by two or more projects at once. Customers, projects, services, and users got multiple selects too.

When you select one filter of a category, a plus-shaped button will appear on the right-hand side of the select. Click on this button to select an additional filter of the same category. When you select two or more filters of the same category, additional minus-shaped buttons will appear next to the selects. Click on one of these buttons to remove the associated filter.

Reports - Projects: multiple filters

At the tab »Reports => Projects«, you can now make use of the new multiple selects, too. Filter by one, two, or more customers, just as you wish.

Hopefully, these new mighty filters will help you to analyse your data better! Give them a try and tell us how they are working for you. We’d love to get feedback.

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