memento: Undo à la mite

Undo was one of the first commands I learned – and learned to love – when getting my hands on my first computer. NO, I didn’t really mean to delete this Monkey Island cheat sheet! For sure, this command saves all of us, day by day, right? Thus, I’m really happy to experience that this feature, long-serving in desktop software, is heading to the web as well – slowly but surely.

Here at mite, undo has been around for accidentally deleted objects for almost a year now. That’s a good first step, but we wanted to push this even further: as of today, undo is everywhere. Just click the undo link in the info message that fades in right after you deleted, edited, archived or activated a customer, project, service or user. If you changed the date of a time entry or duplicated it, undo is on your side as well.

memento, the Undo RubyGem, in action

To help spread undo on the web, we open sourced the corresponding code: memento is a small RubyGem for Rails/ActiveRecord that covers destroy, update and create. Are you a Rails developer? Help yourself as well as your users and grab memento at GitHub.

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